IV+ takes wellness to the next level. Traditional medicine is about treating what is wrong, often when part of the damage is already irreversible. Wouldn’t it be great to build upon what is right?

It is time we start looking at preventive natural methods that strengthen our bodies, so that it can fight off illness, aging and infections. This is where IV+ therapy comes in. Intravenous (IV) treatment delivers a combination of nutrients tailored to your needs, directly into your blood stream, fortifying your cells and offering results with minimal time commitment.

What We Offer

Supplements, super foods, and exercise regimens all make big promises. The results often fall far short of your expectations. The problem is that supplements are only a stop-gap measure. To truly revolutionize your health, you need a treatment that quickly penetrates your cells.

That’s where IV drip therapy comes in. In just a single treatment session, we deliver the nutrients you need directly into to your bloodstream, allowing treatment to quickly penetrate your cells. The results may surprise you. IV therapy can:

Boost your energy

Recover from a late night, from the challenges of parenting a newborn, or from the brain fog of career burnout.

Minimize the effects of aging

Aging is damage at the cellular level that accumulates over time. Reverse this damage or prevent it altogether with one of our custom blends.

Enhance immune system

Good health requires the ability to fight off infections. Our IV drop blends supplement your natural immune functions, helping you get sick less frequently and empowers your body to more effectively fight illnesses.

Cleanse your body

Juice and liquid cleanses won’t do much to improve your health because they don’t address health at the cellular level. IV treatment helps your body flush out toxins, enhancing the health of your body’s natural cleansers—your kidneys and liver.

Reduce body weight

Obesity and excess fat are correlated with health issues ranging from joint pain to premature death. When your metabolism slows down, shedding weight can be nearly impossible. Our blends help you lower your weight without crash diets and endless exercise.

Overcome hangover

A hangover is little more than the body’s reaction to the poison of alcohol. We can detoxify your body and improve cellular health, helping you recover more quickly.

How IV+ Is Different

Under the watchful supervision of Dr. Kagen, our medical expert, we offer custom blends based on your needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • A safe but zen, medical setting with treatment administered under the direction and expertise of a doctor.
  • The ability to customize drip blends based on your needs. IV blends that can be intensified based on your lifestyle and treatment goals.
  • A commitment to total health. We take into account your lifestyle, previous treatment history, and health goals when concocting a custom blend that gets results.
  • A commitment to quality. We invite patient feedback, and have constructed our business around the needs of our clients.
  • A spa-like setting. Many clients are intimidated by doctors and hospitals. Though our treatments are offered under the direction of a physician, you won’t feel like you’re at the doctor. Relax and enjoy the comfortable ambiance of our treatment rooms. Many of our clients actually meditate or fall asleep during their therapy sessions.

What to Expect From Treatment

We pride ourselves on safe, relaxing, effective treatment. Relax in our spa-like setting, taking a break while your body is rejuvenated. Our clients find our treatments simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. Many report experiencing results immediately after treatment.

Some clients are concerned about discomfort during treatment. Don’t worry. You’ll hardly feel the needle, and once it’s in, it’s virtually imperceptible. Even needle phobic clients have reported feeling surprised by how easy and painless treatment is. And it’s certainly easier than consuming bad-tasting supplements or liver detoxifiers!

The wellness industry is rapidly evolving. You deserve to be on the cutting edge of treatment. Forget about ineffective panaceas and the false promises of the latest, greatest potions. To improve your health, you must improve cellular functioning. Our IV drips offer a rapid improvement in cellular health, allowing you to enjoy the comfortable, healthy life you’ve always deserved.

Dr. Cheung

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