What Are The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy? 

In order for our cells to function properly, they require vitamins and minerals which – when administered directly into the bloodstream – can correct existing deficiencies and provide a therapeutic response such as increased energy levels and improvement of certain health conditions.

Is The IV Treatment Uncomfortable? 

Generally no. It is similar to having your blood drawn, but it is provided in a spa-like, relaxing and private environment that helps you disconnect and rest for the duration of your IV treatment. Most treatments are completed in approximately one hour.

Would Oral Ingestion Of A Multi-Vitamin Provide The Same Benefits?

No. Injecting vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream allows them to be more easily and quickly absorbed into the body in an unaltered and well-tolerated manner, with few or no side effects. Some patients may experience a cooling sensation in the arm or a slight metallic taste in the mouth.

How Often Should The Treatment Be Administered?

This depends on the condition that you want to remedy. Sometimes, several treatments a week may be necessary over a period of one to two months, followed by maintenance treatments. Anti-aging treatments typically are administered two to four times a month.

How Does My Nutritional Status Affect My Treatment? 

Many diseases are caused by nutritional imbalances that occur when your immune, hormonal and hepatic systems become depleted of vitamins and minerals. Replenishment of these vitamins and minerals through IV+ therapy quickly and effectively corrects existing nutritional deficits in a way that oral supplements cannot.

How Safe Are IV treatments? 

A fully licensed medical staff administers our treatments, and board-certified laboratories conduct our lab work. Additionally, we consider the interactive effects of the IV+ treatments which current patient medications. Even more, a licensed nurse will be monitoring the progress of each client throughout the IV drip therapy, making sure everything is working correctly and they are comfortable.

What Are The Ingredients In IV+ Therapy?

We only use natural vitamins and minerals with no preservatives. Each treatment requires a different combination to better serve the client’s need. You can ask our registered nurse the ingredients of your therapy ahead of time.

Are The IV Treatments Customized To Meet My Individual Needs?

Absolutely, is this is what sets IV+ apart. We begin your treatment with a thorough analysis of the your blood and personal medical history to determine the best course of remediation.

What Kind Of Issues And Ailments Can IV+ Therapy Treat?

All IV+ treatments are designed to improve and strengthen your immune system, making you feel and look younger and rejuvenated. Our licensed medical staff will recommend you a specific course of treatment to help you with common issues like: lack of energy and fatigue, cleansing your body of toxins, weight control, overcoming a hangover, and minimizing the effects of aging.

Are There Any Long Lasting Side Effects To IV+ Therapy?

No. The only expected side effect is an improvement of your health and immune system. Additionally, our licensed medical staff will measure your progress and make sure your IV therapy is adapting to your current individual needs.

Can I Drive After My IV+ Therapy?

Yes. You are not expected to feel any disorientation from any of the typical IV+ treatments. If you are completing a more complex therapy and would require a companion, our staff will make you aware of that ahead of time.

Can Treatments Be Intensified To Deal With More Serious Conditions?

Yes. This requires a consultation with our Medical Director, who will review your situation and any concerns that you may have. Based on your test results, an advanced customization program can be developed to address your specific needs beyond the more basic anti-aging protocols.

Do I Need To Schedule A Consultation Ahead Of My First IV+ Treatment?

Yes, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with our licensed nurse to discuss what you are seeking to get out of your IV+ therapy and complete all the necessary blood work and tests. Once the course of your treatment has been defined you can schedule regular appointments as recommended by our staff. Our team will evaluate your progress and recommend new blood tests every six to eight months.

How Will I Feel After The IV+ Treatment?

Everyone reacts differently to his or her specific treatment, but common reactions are a surge in energy, hunger, and an overall feeling of well-being. If you feel anything differently, please alert our staff.

Can I Fill Out New Patient Forms And Access My Profile Online?

Yes – your can access your confidential patient portal herehttp://www.ivplus.us/client-portal/


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