IV therapy is the latest health craze in Miami and across the globe. By administering treatment directly into your bloodstream, IV therapy avoids the delays, dosing issues, and frustration that traditional supplement routines offer. But not all IV therapy spas in Miami are created equally. You’re pursuing IV drip therapy because you want to feel healthier and live better, so don’t blindly accept the false promises of the first such spa you discover. Good health demands a bit of skepticism and a willingness to ask lots of questions. Here are five questions to ask before you select an IV therapy spa in Miami.

Is Treatment Medically Supervised?

IV drip therapy is very safe—if, of course, it’s administered in the right environment. You’re inserting a needle into your vein, so you need to know that the needle is clean, the solution is safe, and that the spa is carefully screening for any potential negative reactions. We offer medically supervised treatment because, of course, IV drip therapy is a medical procedure. Don’t patronize any clinics that can’t provide you with details about who is supervising treatment.

What Safety Precautions Do You Take?

IV drip therapy spas should be incredibly clean, with clear procedures for preventing infection and ensuring that each client gets safe, customized treatment. Ask what specific procedures the IV spa you’ve chosen takes to keep clients safe. After all, you’re there to preserve and amplify your good health—not to feel worse.

Do You Offer Custom Blends?

Health is not a one size fits all endeavor. To get the most out of your IV drip therapy session, the clinic should offer blends customized to each customer’s needs. This requires the clinic to take a comprehensive health history, to ask questions about your habits and lifestyle, and to listen to your specific treatment goals. The best clinics craft custom blends designed to address hangovers, exhaustion, infections, poor nutrition, and a host of other common health ailments. No single blend can address every health issue, and a good IV spa won’t try to convince you otherwise.

What is Treatment Like?

IV drip therapy should be a relaxing, beneficial experience, not a stressful or painful one. So don’t shy away from questions about what treatment is like, where you’ll receive treatment, whether treatment is private, and how treatment feels. Consider also reading online reviews or asking current customers what their experiences have been like.

What Treatments Do You Offer?

You deserve personalized, customized treatment, so ask what specific blends the clinic offers. Can they treat a hangover? A cold? A general feeling of malaise. When you invest your hard-earned money into IV drip therapy, you deserve treatment that caters to your needs—not a generalized approach, nor a close approximation of the treatment you seek.