The world is full of aging potions and promises. From miracle products hawked on television to the skincare brands lining your grocer’s shelves, it’s hard to discern what’s legit, what’s a scam, and what’s outright dangerous.

The promises of IV therapy might seem too good to be true. You’re right to be skeptical. Skepticism protects your health and your finances. Intravenous fluids are no miracle cure, but they are effective. And after generations of use by doctors and other medical providers, IV therapy is one of the safest options on the market—far safer than the cancer-causing creams, birth defect-linked serums, unregulated supplements, and risky surgeries many people rely on to preserve their health.

How IV Therapy Works

The principle behind IV therapy is the exact same behind thousands of treatments used by doctors: delivering treatment directly to your bloodstream is the fastest and most effective way to benefit from treatment. IV therapy ensures that you get a sufficiently high dose to see results, and that the dose doesn’t get broken down by your body before it has a chance to work. Thousands of nutritional and medical products are available in IV form. IV drip therapy uses the best non-medical treatments available.

Is it Safe?

You’re right to be concerned about treatment delivered directly to a vein. IV therapy that is improperly administered carries some risks. Those include:

  • Bruising, bleeding, and damage to your veins.
  • Pain.
  • Allergic reactions to the treatment.
  • Improper or inadequate dosing.

Even in less-than-ideal clinics that don’t properly administer IV therapy, though, the risks are negligible. And when you partner with us for your IV therapy, you can rest assured that the treatment is safe. We offer:

  • Medically supervised therapy under the watchful eye of our staff physician.
  • Therapy customized to your needs, goals, risk factors, and health history. We’ll review any previous bad reactions, discuss your lifestyle and food allergies, then assess which treatment options are safest for you.
  • A sterile, safe IV insertion process.
  • A relaxing environment in which to receive therapy, minimizing stress and pain.
  • Safe ingredients that are proven effective.

Our business success depends on effective and safe treatments. We know that sticking a needle in a vein can be scary the first time, but rest assured that we know how to safely administer treatment. We’re happy to answer any questions, and we always ensure clients are comfortable with treatment options before we begin treatment.

Is it Effective?

IV drip therapy delivers concentrated treatment directly into your bloodstream, optimizing the effectiveness of each formula we use. Supplements and creams often fail to work because they contain inadequate quantities of active ingredients, or they never penetrate beneath the skin. We work around this challenge by customizing the dosage of each product to your needs and health history. Our approach is informed by ever-changing research into optimal health.

Contraindications for IV Therapy

Like any other treatment, IV drip therapy is not for everyone. That’s why a customized approach that takes into account your health history is so important to us. Because IV treatment is used in hospitals with even the weakest patients, it’s very safe. Some people may not benefit from IV treatment. Those include:

  • People with a history of very weak or ruptured veins.
  • People with serious infections, particularly in the skin.
  • People with bleeding disorders or who tend to bruise easily.

Our IV drip therapy can help you recover more rapidly from illness and injuries, so don’t hesitate to come in if you’re feeling ill.