Your gut is the seat of good health. Virtually everything you do affects your gut in some way—from the stress that makes your stomach churn to the myriad foods your gut processes. Unfortunately, the way we live isn’t good for gut health. Our IV drip solutions help improve your gut’s health, and in so doing, can improve your mental and physical well-being.

Why Gut Health Matters

It’s impossible to separate gut health from the rest of your body, since what happens in your gut affects everything about your health. Your gut metabolizes what you eat, and what you eat affects everything about how you feel. Poor gut health has been associated with virtually every medical challenge, including:
Mental health (including anxiety and depression).
Immunity; poor gut health can make you more vulnerable to viruses, infections, and prolonged healing times.
Chronic illnesses; when your gut health is poor, your body is poorly equipped to fend off chronic illnesses.
Chronic fatigue and chronic pain.
Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and stomach pain.
Metabolic disruptions, including the inability to lose weight.

Factors That Affect Gut Health

Everything you put into your body—food, drug, alcohol, tobacco, even environmental pollutants—can affect gut health. Excessive sugar consumption, food allergies and sensitivities, and eating an unbalanced diet can all throw off the health of your gut.

Today’s world of processed, prepackaged, preservative-rich foods is especially problematic for gut health. The increasing popularity of antibacterial products can also play a role. Ninety-nine percent of bacteria are beneficial, and millions of bacteria help break down food in your gut. Antibacterial products indiscriminately kill all bacteria. Over time, this can harm gut health, and even allow unhealthy microbes to flourish.

How IV Drips Can Help

An IV drip builds upon the natural processes of your gut, improving gut function and health so that you can feel healthier, more energized, and better equipped to fight infection.

IV drips deliver vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, allowing your cells to rapidly access the nutrients they need. Supplements, probiotics and nutritional supplements might offer you promises of better health, but these products can take months to work—if they work at all. A single IV drip treatment offers you a rapid path to better health.

What to Expect

Our treatments require the placement of an IV through a needle. You’ll feel a brief prick, but once the needle is in, you’ll feel nothing. Even people who dislike needles find that our treatments are easy and relaxing. Once the IV is placed, you’ll sit back and relax in our spa-like setting.

You can rest assured knowing that treatment occurs under the supervision of a licensed physician. We ask questions about your health and lifestyle, carefully tracking your information. This allows us to craft a custom treatment that works for your health needs and lifestyle.

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NAD helps restore brain function not only for drug / alcohol dependency, but also for many chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and stress. It is a truly a revolutionary treatment suitable for all patients.

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The perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy gut, which will stimulate your metabolism and promote weight loss.

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A formula packed with amino acids perfect for mitigating muscle pain, promoting faster healing and improving your health, mood, and supporting brain function.

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A customized treatment based on your skin’s needs, that will plump your skin, reverse damage from the sun and environmental toxins, as well as, reduce the effects of aging.

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A complementing treatment that helps strengthen your body and immune system to better fight the infection and help you recover from the damaging effects of Lyme.

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A powerful tool to help fight the common flu and other infections, by boosting your immune system and restoring hydration lost due to the infection-fighting process.

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Our protocol removes heavy metals in your bloodstream, reducing oxidative stress to the blood vessels, potentially lowering blood vessel inflammation, improving cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol.

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The most powerful antioxidant prevents damage to cells, tissues, and organs due to free radical, peroxide, and heavy metal activities. Glutathione is the cornerstone of our IV drip program, amplifying good health.

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Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, pesticides in your food, and excessive sugar all conspire to wreck your health. Our IV detox treatment helps you cleanse your body of these poisons, offering you a clean slate and a chance at better health.

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A mega dose of hydrating nutrients and electrolytes that help treat a “hangover”, prevent an acid-alkaline imbalance in your blood, diminish unexplained fatigue and increase energy levels.

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This is the ultimate IV infusion to relieve stress from excessive demands on the body due to work or travel. Enjoy a blend of natural ingredients and health-boosting proteins such as glutathione.

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