You’re at the top of your game. But life can be hard at the top. Executive stress ranges from annoying to debilitating. From managing staff to negotiating deals, and with stressors such as endless threats from the outside and the inside, it’s no wonder that today’s executives are more stressed now than ever before. IV drip therapy can help you better manage executive stress, freeing your mind to focus on what really matters—excelling at what you do best.

Why Are Executives So Stressed?

Executives face an increasingly demanding environment in which they are expected to be everything to everyone. Executives must manage their staff, propel their companies into the future, and somehow manage to be a friend, colleague, and boss. They must find ways to balance the demands of life at work with the needs of their family and friends. And of course, to stay on top of their game, they have to continue evolving and learning. That can mean an endless stream of continuing education seminars, and maybe even going back to school. Never mind all the paperwork hassles you probably deal with, or the mounting financial demands of taxes, investments, and growing your wealth.

Executives face more stress and have less help than ever before. The result is an epidemic of chronic, ceaseless stress.

How Executive Stress Affects Your Health

Stress is annoying to be sure, but it’s much more than a minor irritation. Stress can permanently wreck your health. Some of the long and short-term consequences of chronic stress include:

  • Increased production of cortisol, a stress hormone associated with weight gain, heart disease, and chronic anxiety.
  • A near-epidemic of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Cardiovascular problems ranging from heart palpitations to high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.
  • Decreased immunity that leaves you vulnerable to the common cold and flu, as well as more serious infections.
  • Rapid aging that changes your appearance and erodes your good health.
  • An increased risk of serious diseases like cancer.
  • Worsening of chronic illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes.
  • Increased sexual and fertility difficulties.

Stress also affects your ability to maintain your relationship with your family, to be a good parent, to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and to maintain your friendships. You may feel overwhelmed, sad, hopeless, helpless, and inadequate. Many executives find themselves struggling with “impostor syndrome.” While all evidence suggests they are hard-working and intelligent, these people don’t feel as if they deserve their success. They live in fear of being “found out.”

How IV Drip Therapy Can Help

We offer IV drip therapy in a relaxing, private space where you can recuperate and recharge. Our custom-blended formulas are designed to meet your unique health needs. Working under the supervision of a skilled medical team, we’ve developed a number of IV blends that deliver targeted therapies. Those may include:

  • Rehydration to help you regain electrolyte balance and recover from chronic dehydration.
  • Vitamin and mineral infusions.
  • Infusions with health-boosting proteins such as glutathione.

If you’re new to IV drip therapy, you should know that the process is not painful or invasive, even for people who don’t like needles. You’ll feel a brief pinch, and then can sit back and relax as you receive the treatment.

So why IV drip therapy? Many of our treatments cannot be taken orally. But even if they could, taking something orally gives your body more time to break it down, potentially reducing its efficacy. IV drip therapy delivers treatment directly to your veins, ensuring the quickest results with the fewest possible treatments. It’s safe, effective, and affordable. Don’t waste your time and money on endless gimmicky supplements. Choose a treatment that actually works.

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NAD helps restore brain function not only for drug / alcohol dependency, but also for many chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and stress. It is a truly a revolutionary treatment suitable for all patients.

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The perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy gut, which will stimulate your metabolism and promote weight loss.

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A formula packed with amino acids perfect for mitigating muscle pain, promoting faster healing and improving your health, mood, and supporting brain function.

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A customized treatment based on your skin’s needs, that will plump your skin, reverse damage from the sun and environmental toxins, as well as, reduce the effects of aging.

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A complementing treatment that helps strengthen your body and immune system to better fight the infection and help you recover from the damaging effects of Lyme.

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A powerful tool to help fight the common flu and other infections, by boosting your immune system and restoring hydration lost due to the infection-fighting process.

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Our protocol removes heavy metals in your bloodstream, reducing oxidative stress to the blood vessels, potentially lowering blood vessel inflammation, improving cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol.

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The most powerful antioxidant prevents damage to cells, tissues, and organs due to free radical, peroxide, and heavy metal activities. Glutathione is the cornerstone of our IV drip program, amplifying good health.

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Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, pesticides in your food, and excessive sugar all conspire to wreck your health. Our IV detox treatment helps you cleanse your body of these poisons, offering you a clean slate and a chance at better health.

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A mega dose of hydrating nutrients and electrolytes that help treat a “hangover”, prevent an acid-alkaline imbalance in your blood, diminish unexplained fatigue and increase energy levels.

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This is the ultimate IV infusion to relieve stress from excessive demands on the body due to work or travel. Enjoy a blend of natural ingredients and health-boosting proteins such as glutathione.

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